Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're Home!!! Here are some pictures of a Kyrgyzstan Princess!

Combing my hair at the orphanage.......gotta look good when I go out into the big world.
Dad and Anna (yes.....she's got him wrapped tight around that little finger; she's a Daddy's Girl)
Here I am.....playing at the SOS Clinic in Almaty, waiting on my appointment with the doctor.
Lookin' cool in my dad's shades.
Mom, Dad, and Anna in front of US Embassy in Almaty.....check out the mountains in the background.....and of course I was on top of a mountain after our interview with the Embassy.
(Getting dressed at Orphanage on Gotcha Day)

WOW! The last 36 hours have been a blur! Many of those hours spent on airplanes. Anna was a super flyer. I keep saying she's my "Go Girl". She loves to go! We arrived home around 9:30pm last night. Needless to say, it was quite late when we went to bed. Everyone was really excited. The "brats" (brothers) adore their sister. And yes, we're already having sibling rivalry between Luke and Anna. You can't hold one without holding the other. That's OK ....we have big laps!
Thanks everyone for your prayers in this journey. We really felt them while we were away. Please continue to pray for our family and the adjustments that we'll all make.
Love you all,


Spiky Sandy said...

I am so happy to see that you've all made it home safely. Thank you for thinking of the public and publishing photos of Princess Anna! Enjoy your newly constructed family. I've really enjoyed following your blog the last week. Have a wonderful weekend!
Love and blessings,

Monica Nash said...

I am so excited to see the pics...I have not called you because I have afraid you were either sleeping or having family time. I love you!

Julie & John Wright said...

Hi Melody
again it was so great to meet you, and we were truly blessed by your churches generosity. I do recognise Anna, I have some photo's of her going back to Nov. 2006. unfortunatly the computer here that had them crashed, but I have the files at home and will send them to you in Aug. when we return.
Blesings John

Lisa B and Family said...

She looks so happy! And so do the both of you. I am glad to hear you are home safe.

Gen 's Family Story said...

Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous! So happy for you!! Happy Mom's day-what a fantastic day it should be!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

So glad to hear that you made it home safely. Anna is beautiful, and she has the greatest smile! Thanks for sharing pics of your journey. I recognized the yellow bouncy horse thingy from the SOS Clinic when we were there in Feb 07.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you all made it home safely. Thanks for sharing pics of your precious beautiful daughter. I have loved reading your story the last few weeks and will continue to check in on you!
(yahoo group)

Jes said...

Congrats! What a beautiful little girl.

Happy Mother's Day.


JAMIE said...

my new little niece is beautiful. I am so happy for you guys. I wonder how you say aunt jamie in russian? lol

Mala said...

Greetings from the Disney Magic somewhere out in the carribean! It's worth the $.95 a minute to see that beautiful little face with her forever family! Congrats! She looks so happy!

Lori said...

What a beautiful smile for a beautiful princess! Seeing how happy she obviously is helps remind me of the worth of all this muck we tend to get stuck in. Happy days and blessings for you!

janiece said...

I didn't realize you were already home! How exciting. She looks absolutely wonderful. I'm so excitied for you and your family and to know one of Alihan's buddies is in her forever home.

Mala said...

updates! updates! updates!
please :)

Sarah said...

I just stumbled across your blog by accident. We're seriously considering adopting from Kyrgyzstan. The crazy thing (or maybe it's a God thing?) is we live in central Arkansas, too! Would you mind emailing me? I'd love to ask you some questions. Your daughter is so gorgeous. We can't wait until we find our own Princess. jeff and sarah 99 at windstream dot net.

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