Monday, May 5, 2008

Afternoon in the Park....

We spent Monday afternoon with Chinara and Adam, our in-country facilitators. We also picked up Ksenia, our translator from our 1st trip to Bishkek. We walked around the park area of Bishkek. Exhibits were set up for the's Constitution Day in Bishkek. There were art exhibits (which I enjoyed). The doves in the picture are wedding doves. No one could tell me what they were called, so John Mark, look it up and tell us when we get home. I've never seen dove before with large plumes. One picture is of Ksenia blowing a dandelion.......we told her if she could blow off all the fuzzies, she would get her wish. John Mark calls these blowies. After walking around the park, we went shopping at a large department store. It was 6 floors of mostly souvenirs and electronics. We had fun trying on hats and we found a beautiful dress and vest with matching hat for Anna. We also bought souvenirs for the boys. There was a huge toy store that had the same type toys as America.


Spiky Sandy said...

5/5/08 - What a wonderful story! Be safe and God bless!


Monica Nash said...

I love the bird picture....what an experience for you to be able to share with Anna as she gets older. I also know someone here who speaks some Russian! If you want I can contact him before you get home.

Hilary Marquis said...


My oldest son is obsessed with birds, so your dove picture peaked my interest. It is a Fantail Dove! Tyler will be so excited when I show him the picture in the morning :) Thanks for sharing.

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