Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Fun!

Anna's Cartwheel
Hug or Choke-hold?

Rodeo Bound

Anna and Rio

John Mark showing Rocky at Fair

18 Already?!?

OH MY GOODNESS!!! How time flies. It seems just like yesterday that I was bringing this bundle of joy home from Children's Hospital! I can't believe that he is 18 already. Although he thinks he is quite ready to be an adult, I'm not quite ready for him to be.
I'm so proud of John Mark and the way he always finds something to smile about. He has taught me so much about life and love and how to be truly grateful. I love you John Mark and wish you a very happy birthday!

ABC's and 1,2,3's....

Anna and her 1st grade teacher Mrs. Doherty...Anna
is doing very well in school. She just brought home her
first 9 weeks report card and she had 2 A's!! One A for
reading/literacy and one A for Math. Yippee! Way to go

Luke and his Preschool teacher, Miss Brittney...Luke
loves "Miss Nitney" so much. He leaves the house each
morning jumping up and down saying, "Nitney, Nitney"!
He is doing great. He is learning his colors and recognizing
and saying many picture names. His teachers are proud of
what he is accomplishing. I know they are amazed, unlike
me, because I know how smart this boy is. Keep up the good
work, Lukey!

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