Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Adoption Journey Begins

This is the photograph that sent my head and heart reeling! We received this picture shortly after I contacted an adoption agency in February, 2007. The agency was wanting to bring four children to the states for a host program. We would meet our new little girl in New York some time in March. She would stay with us for six months. During this time we would proceed with
the adoption paperwork. At the end of the six months, we would make a trip to Kyrgyzstan to make the adoption official. Due to politics, this hosting program fell through, along with our hopes of meeting Mahabat in early spring. The agency said that we could still proceed with the adoption if that was our hearts' desire; it would just take a little longer. My husband and I were completely taken in by our little girl's big brown pleading eyes that tugged on our hearts' strings. She was already ours! Needless to say, we quickly began adoption proceedings. There is nothing quick about an adoption, however. Tons of paperwork, running to the court house for legal papers, notarizations, home studies, government approvals, and on and on and on, can certainly wear down a person's hope........but, LOVE bears all things and hopes all things.........we must hold on to that verse. Isn't it amazing that our little girl's name, Mahabat, means love? That is so like God! He is so good!

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