Sunday, May 4, 2008


These 1st few pics. are of the tornado damage between Sheridan and Little Rock. We came through this area right after the tornado came through, and were slowed tremendously because of accidents. I knew there was a reason for us leaving Smackover late. Jerry kept trying to hurry me up but something kept slowing me down. Must've been a God-thing. He gave us traveling mercies. I guess my cousin, Philip, is helping out with the rescue teams. We were able to pull up some Arkansas news on the computer and learned there were 7 deaths, many lost homes, and many without electricity across central Arkansas because of the Friday storms.

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debbie foot said...

Hey Mel..........saw the same sight on my way to the airport. I'm in Las Vegas.....a far cry from where you are. Be safe!!! Kendall said not to worry about Anna not speaking English. That she has some Mexican girls in her class that can talk to Anna. I didn't KNOW that Anna spoke Spanish!!!!! Sweet, innoscent Kendall. Good luck!!! Can't wait to see her!

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