Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Bishkek!

Our flight from London to Bishkek with a stop in Almaty lasted 9 hours. We slept alot on the plane, but went straight to bed when we made it to our room. We slept for another 8 hours.....with all the sleeping you would think we would be rested; however, I could go back to bed again right now.
It is Sunday morning at home and we just talked with our boys through skype and a webcam, so we were able to actually see them and talk with them. They are being well taken care of by mawmaw and pawpaw. They will go to church and the youth's potato lunch and then this evening they have a birthday party to attend. Today will pass fast for them.

Sunday here is almost over, it is 7:30pm. We will go downstairs and have dinner at our hotel. We are staying at a very nice hotel with all the amenities. The view from our window, however, is quite different. We are actually watching the women cook on an open fire outside in the rain. They are also washing dishes and clothes outside. Sometimes we take for granted all that we have in America. Traveling to a 3rd world country helps us realize how blessed as a nation we are.

It is a national holiday here today and tomorrow. The director of the orphanage will not be there these 2 days, so we can't get Anna until Tuesday......bummer! That's OK. We've waited a very long time for her; what's 2 more days? Today is almost gone. Tomorrow (Monday) we will go shopping and try to meet up with John Wright, the missionary. Tuesday morning we travel 1 hour to Tokmok where Anna's orphanage is located. And then from there we'll go to Almaty, Kazahkstan for our Embassy appointment.

Love to you all,
Melody & Jerry


Mala said...

Glad you arrived safely!
Oh the wait!!!!!!!! I can't wait until you have that little girl in your arms!
When you get to Tokmok, if you have time, please give Yuri a hug from us. That little boy is so sweet and special!
And if at all possible, could you get a few pictures of Indira and aidai? We're still praying for homes for them!
Best wishes!

Hilary Marquis said...

I'm so glad you made it safely, and with your luggage :) Give both Anna and John a hug from us. And Aidai and Indira as well...we won't stop until we find them families.

Margaret & Tom said...

I am so excited you have arrived safe and sound and can't wait to see those pictures on Tuesday!

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