Saturday, May 3, 2008

Flight Into Tomorrow

Hi Everyone,
We arrived in London at 2:30am home time. My boys were fast asleep at home (I hope); and the sun was shining brightly here in London at 8:30am That seemed weird. We flew into the cool! Next stop......Almaty, Kazahkstan (we will stay on the plane....just like a bus stop) and then to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan which will be 2:30pm Saturday afternoon. It will be Sunday 3:30am in Bishkek...........boy, are we confused!?!

We met a lady on the last flight who is a writer and just had her first book (The Last Payload) published. Her name is Renne' Fletcher and she was very sweet. She asked what we were naming our new daughter. We told her. She said that she would use Anna's name in her next book that she is already writing. Isn't that cool! We look forward to buying and reading her books. It was good to meet you Renne'.

The boys are doing well and in very capable and loving hands. They're staying at Maw-maw's and Paw-paw's (the boys' favorite place). Be sweet boys and know that we love you! Be good to each other. I'm so proud of you two. We love you Mawmaw and Pawpaw. Thanks for being such awesome grandparents!

We'll post again in Bishkek.
Until then, keep praying us there......
Love, M & J


Mala said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! Get plenty of rest while you can.
Safe journeys.

Monica said...

Hoping that you are almost there now! Best wishes in Kyrgyzstan!!!

Denise Holt said...

I love being to keep up with your journey. I am praying for you constantly. Everything is going to be wonderful.
Love ya,

Monica Nash said...

LOVE YOU!!! I can not wait to see your whole family, I will be praying for you constantly.

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