Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Summer Fun!!!

JOHN MARK has had a ton of fun this summer. He attended FFA Leadership Camp at Camp Couchdale, close to Hot Springs. He just returned home from Camp Aldersgate where he spent a week at Med Camp for kids with heart or kidney conditions. He had a blast! He brought home towels in the 'to be washed' bag.....does this mean he actually took a shower, or is he learning how to keep mom happy? Let's make it look like I used the towels! The guys in the picture
were counselors and campers from Camp Aldersgate..John Mark in the white Camp shirt.

He is also staying busy on the farm with his show animals, Rocky the goat, and Miss Piggy, the pig. We've just acquired another show pig, Mr. Hammy.
John Mark works at the Hardware Store one day a week....when Jerry can talk him into it and he can fit it into his busy schedule. He says he's ready to retire like PawPaw!!!

John Mark will start summer band practice next week. Where did this summer go?

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