Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LUKE...Future Rodeo Champ!

LUKE couldn't let his big sister outdo him. He had to show everyone that he could ride just as well as Anna....even if it was on a horse swing! He does try to do everything big sister does. Maybe it's because he is only 2 inches shorter and only 6 pounds lighter than her. He enjoys chasing her around....probably just so he can get close enough to get a handful of that beautiful hair of hers! All kidding aside...he loves her and his Bubba so much and he is learning so much from both of them.
I really want to know where he learned to throw so well! Today he threw my cell phone into the pool....yes, that's the 3rd new one in a year. John Mark thinks Verizon won't let me have anymore! I must clarify that only 1 of the (swimming) phones is Luke's fault. The other two were completely my went swimming in Dr. Pepper and one went swimming in Sprite. Cell phones do not like to go swimming!!!

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