Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yippee!!! It's official!!!

We received word this morning that court went well without any problems. Anna is an official member of the Morgan family......well, after the 30 day waiting period. I know, I know, more waiting! It's O.K., though. I think that throughout this process I've definitely become a more patient individual. I'm also a lot less selfish.....which I attribute to adoption. It's no longer about me and my "wants" when our daughter is barely getting her basic "needs" met. I find myself thinking about her alot, and wanting so much for her. I think about the other children in the orphanages as well and wish for them a forever family.
John Mark, my 15 year old, is soooo excited about his little sister. He asks every day, "How much longer til Anna?" No, he is NOT one for patience. Maybe this will help him too. I am so proud of him.......heart transplant recipient (2002), current 8th grader, and recent winner at our regional science fair contest. Of course, his project was on chicken eggs.....he is such a farmer!

And Luke, our 20 month old.........I'm not quite sure how he'll take to Anna......I hope they will be fast, true friends. Right now, life's all about him....just ask him!! He's so much fun and growing so fast. His preschool teacher said that he is going to be an artist. Can you believe they paint with 20 months old?? I find it difficult at times painting with 3rd/4th graders at my school! I think I'll buy Lukey some watercolor paints for Easter. I keep telling everyone that he is keeping us young........but after painting with him, I'm sure I'll find some gray hairs!


Hilary Marquis said...

Hang in there boys! She is well worth the wait. My 6,4 &2 yr old were not pleased when we returned from the first trip WITHOUT their new little sister...they weren't terribly patient either :) You're right, you'll be a more patient, compassionate person through this. Some times it will be hard. I still lay awake many nights thinking of the ones we left behind. I am just so thankful that Anna is not one of them.

TheHappyNeills said...

stopping in from the yahoo group....BIG BIG BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! that is so very exciting! she's a peach! stories like this (ones nearing the end!) spur me on!!!


Marnie said...

Our boys, being older, didn't take Jyly's adoption seriously until we got home. Now they are head over heels and just can't get enough. Just wait til you get Anna home. They will all click and it will be like she was always a part of your family.

Mala said...

any updates?????

Shelley and Brian said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting. She is a beautiful little girl. I will be watching your journey as your bring her home. YEAH!!!!

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